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Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for reading these blog entries! It’s such fun hearing your reactions to the stories and the interest they generate in reading my book. So today I have big news.

AS FAR AS THE I CAN SEE has been launched and is at Amazon, available in both Kindle and paperback versions.

The publisher, NextChapter, has just initiated some new marketing approaches and will be placing their books in bookstores soon. Let me know if you see it on any shelves in your local stores. As you can imagine, I am thrilled to see this all happening. If you read the book and like it, please help by writing a review to post on Amazon. Let me hear from you through this blog, or directly through my email

I am considering doing a zoom launch event including reading excepts from the book. What do you think about that idea? Are you up for it, or are you pretty zoomed out? Let me know!

Meanwhile, thanks for your continued interest. I’ll keep the stories coming!


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3 commentaires

03 avr. 2021

I'm all in for a zoom launch party! As long as it doesn't conflict with a have-to, I'm there. Any plans for an audio book? My very favorite way to read is with my ears. I've been loving your blog posts.




03 avr. 2021

Congratulations. Keep up the good work.


I say go for the zoom intro party and reading 😉

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