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Finding Love in all the Right Places

San Miguel is a dog town if ever there was one. You see them everywhere, everything from tiny chihuahua style breeds dressed in winter coats carried by their owners, to mixed breeds of all shapes sizes and ages whose owners look at them so adoringly you’d think they‘d just won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show. There are tons of pet stores carying a variety of products for dogs. On our mile walk up Canal to el Centro we pass 3 different doggie stores. Everyone in San Miguel seems to have and love dogs.

And then there are the street dogs, mostly big and dark-colored sad-looking creatures who roam the neighborhoods without collars or anyone to care for them. There are many good people here who rescue abandoned and injured dogs, and keep them until they heal, then put them up for adoption after they have been treated by a vet, given their shots, dewormed and neutered, and when their temperaments and bodies are ready to give and receive love.

One such place is called Angels Rescue, appropriately named because of Amy Gigi Alexander, the founder and caregiver of the dogs and cats who come to her. As of last week she had 49 dogs in her home. Their care is her life’s work. A lay Franciscan, she believes in the value of every life, including ”the least among us.” Blind, disabled or highly adoptable, she takes them all in and rehabilitates those in need of special care, or those just in need of someone to find them a forever home. I am in awe of the work Amy does, making constant visits to the vet, changing dogs’ bedding, doing their laundry, feeding, purchasing medicines and food, cleaning their cages and her house. Plus, she is a master at using social media to advocate for and advertise her dogs. She does all of this work by herself.

Angels Rescue is where I found Reggie, our new 10 month old, 15 minutes after she arrived at Amy’s house. We knew when we saw her photo that she was The One. When we met her for our in-person interview, it was as though we’d always known and loved each other. We’ve named her Reggie, from the word Regalo, meaning gift. For the two days she’s been with us, she’s been even better than her advance press! No accidents in the house, and the sweetest personality a puppy could have. Amy at Angels Rescue, a blessing on your head for being our match maker, bringing us love from all the right places!

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