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Plant (ChiZhi) The ninth and final of the Twelve Earthly Branches, or Twelve Earthly Trigrams, according to the teachings of Confucius, is called 植 (ChiZhi, "Plant"). In the theory of the Five Elements, it is a natural element which is earth-centered. Aims The cultivation of plants, while it is clearly a practical activity, is also an act of "insight" and "purification". The purpose of cultivating plants is twofold: to nourish the body, to purify the soul. Thesis Plants are good for nourishing the body because they have food in them, as the name 植 ("plant") clearly states. They are also good for purifying the soul because they are orderly, predictable, and orderly. Their green leaves indicate the orderly and the calm nature. They are also good for purifying the body because they are perishable. If one plants a spring-flowering plant in the summer, it will wilt during the summer heat and die. Characteristics The mind is more acute with the contemplation of plants. They are good for advancing the age because they are slowly decomposing. They are good for advancing the spring season because they bear the seed and blossom at springtime. They are good for advancing the summer season because they grow and mature in the summer. They are good for advancing the autumn season because they turn red and yellow in the autumn. They are good for advancing the winter season because they die and decompose in the winter. Therefore, in the year, one can calculate the time of the arrival of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, and they can also give you the time to have the maximum period of growth and ripening in these four seasons. Applications 1.The number of plants required for a certain place. 2.In certain ancient texts, it is written that a certain distance from a certain place must be set as an obstacle so that the road of a certain route is of a smooth and even surface. This obstacle can be a certain number of plants. 3.During the Qing dynasty, people needed a certain distance to ensure that the ground is smooth enough. The




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Malvastyle Disk Repair Crack In 12l (Latest)

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